IT-Hardware Repair Services

Casstel  IT-Solutions provides on-site remedial hardware repair services for in-scope equipment including the diagnosis of failures and the replacement of faulty components.  We can hold and manage an inventory of spare parts held on consignment.

Computer Systems Installations and Deployments
Casstel IT Solutions staff and authorized service agents in regional areas provide hardware installation services throughout Germany and Europe. Installations can range from a single PC to a thousand PCs or more, from one location to many, from a single item of software to a total infrastructure refresh, fully project managed.

Desktops and Network Decommissioning
Decommissioning options include refurbishment and redeployment, as well as secure data removal and removal of asset tags prior to auction, destruction or charitable donation.

IT Asset Recovery and Disposal
where surplus or idle assets are no longer needed, we can determine a value and advice you on the most favorable sales channel for disposition, maximizing the customers return on the asset.  For security all of your data will be wiped prior to destructive and environmentally responsible disposal.  Certificates of destruction can be provided.

Service we provide:

– Hardware and software installation services
– Diagnosis of failures
– Hardware maintenance and repairs.
– Service in and out of warranty
– Replacement of faulty components
– Next Business Day repair services
– Spare parts and logistics services
– Spare parts and logistics services
– On-site and remote services