CassCom IT offer Deinstallation, Dismantle, collection inclusive logistics and on-site support, guaranteed data destruction and a detailed reporting. Our facilities operate to best industry and government standards.

Secure Data Destruction

CassCom IT hardware destruction process eliminates all data on your vulnerable end-of-life electronics. We also crush or shred hard drives upon request. We can provide detailed inventory reports from the moment we pick up your electronics or data. We will provide certificates of destruction or recycling for total assurance that your data has been destroyed. (Including make, model, serial number, and asset tag),

Deinstallation and Dismantling

CassCom provides dismantling or deisnstallation services to all your IT hardware equipment. If you do not require total destruction/recycling of your hardware, we may take your old hardware, uninstall all software and erase all data, then install a new OS for resale or refurbish and donate to charities, communities and projects of your wish. You can pick or choose which pieces of equipment you want recycled/ destroyed, and which can be resold. CassCom then buys the resalable parts. We offer competitive pricing due to our vast customers’ network to find and offer top value.

We consider the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition of the asset. We work closely with our clients to determine the asset recovery strategy that is most closely aligned to their business objectives.

Our services:

  • Dismantling/Recycling/Disposal of IT Hardware and Electronics – all over Germany.
  • Gathering and packaging of items on the client’s site
  • Logistics – Shipping items to our facility
  • Data Destruction: DOD wiping of hard-drives
  • Detailed Settlement Reports (asset tag, serial Numbers, make/model, condition, etc.)
  • Hard and USB stick Drive Shredding etc.

On-Site Data Destruction Services

CassCom offer solutions for small and large projects and multiple methods to destroy data. We provide solutions for magnetic and solid state drives.

  • Hard Drive Shredding – Large Quantities
  • Data Erasure
  • Hard Drive Crushing
  • Hard Drive Degaussing
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Tape Destruction
  • USB Sticks Shredding
  • CDs, DVDs, credit cards
  • Lockable Bins for Hard Drive Storage